RST Solutions offers dynamic civil solution

January 16, 2013

Publication: Earthmover and Civil Contractor (Online)

Date: December 2012

Australian mining solutions company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST Solutions) is making inroads into the civil construction industry, with the launch of its latest cutting-edge product Heavy Water Dynamic.

The award-winning company, based in Queensland, developed the environmentally-friendly solution specifically for civil construction sites that experience large volumes of dust as a result of clearing, excavation, demolition and excessive vehicle traffic.

Comprising an ultra-concentrated formulation, Heavy Water Dynamic has been custom-designed to effectively mitigate dust emissions, while significantly reducing water usage and outgoings for bulk earthworks and earthmoving projects.

RST Solutions operations and technical director David Handel said they designed Heavy Water Dynamic particularly for the civil industry, as they found construction companies were in need of a dynamic solution that was cost-effective and achieved instant results.

“Construction sites often generate large volumes of dust, especially when they are undergoing excessive construction activity or major soil disturbances,” Mr Handel said.

“Most sites use water in an attempt to suppress excessive dust, however this only temporarily reduces dust levels for a short period and can often lead to over-watering of the site. We identified a gap in the market for a technology that offered the ‘total dust solution’ with instantaneous results, while significantly reducing maintenance requirements, water usage and additional project costs.

Dosed into the water cart, Mr Handel said the innovative formula would essentially assist in minimising unnecessary delays and excessive project outgoings often experienced on construction sites. Other benefits of Heavy Water Dynamic include enhanced ground compaction and rehabilitation, minimised erosion of soil and significant improvements to onsite safety.

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