Capability Statement

RST Solutions provides environmentally friendly dust and erosion control, road stabilisation and revegetation solutions to clients worldwide, in the mining, civil construction and infrastructure, renewables and revegetation industries.

RST Solutions have experienced unprecedented growth and recognition for innovative products, technical excellence and service globally in the specialist fields of:

  • Total dust management – dust suppression products and equipment, dust modelling and dust monitoring
  • Road stabilisation – increased strengths, reduced permeability and reduced material cost
  • Sediment treatment – prevention of sediment movement into water flows and clarify turbid ‘dirty’ water
  • Erosion control – soil erosion, weathering erosion and erosion deposition
  • Agriculture and specialty – farming, gardens, vineyards, sporting arenas and water runoff

RST Solutions identifies the true nature of a problem and develops a solution to achieve optimal outcomes utilising products and systems tailored for each individual project. 

All RST Solutions products are supported by the company’s Technical Services division, who not only ensure the most suitable products are selected, but are also applied correctly on an ongoing basis.

RST Solutions ensures their solutions are:

  • Cost effective
  • Active in environment working conditions
  • Environmentally safe
  • Utilising water saving technologies