Environmental Policy

Due to RST Solutions’ commitment to the preservation conducts all business activities with integrity and respect to the environment. 

This policy applies to the activities of RST Solutions and ensures that values and objectives are maintained throughout all business operations. RST Solutions’ commitment to the preservation of the environment is to:

  • Continually improve environmental performance
  • Conduct operations with due diligence for the protection and improvement of the environment
  • Comply with applicable regulations (ISO 14001 or its equivalent)
  • Engender a culture with strong environmental ethic and focus
  • Form alliances and work with similarly focussed individuals and organisations who also conduct good environmental management practices
  • Design systems and produce products that are sustainable and work with the environment in which we operate
  • Foster open and constructive communications with all stakeholders, including government authorities and the community generally

RST Solutions’ objectives are to achieve committed goals through a continuous cycle of research, development, review, planning, construction and operation.