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In the Australian mining and construction industries, revegetation is a critical undertaking. Required by law and best practice, revegetation ensures that the land is rehabilitated, stabilised, and restored to its natural state post-development. Revegetation also improves environmental outcomes, reduces erosion and sedimentation, improves water quality, and enhances habitat for local fauna.

RST Solutions’ Revegetation Products

Soil binding and
colloidal fixative

Powdered hydromulching
and hydroseeding binder

Green malachite crystals and shamrock green

Revegetation Techniques

Natural – This happens by encouraging natural regeneration of plants from existing or nearby vegetation. To save on costs, first consider this option for re-establishing native vegetation.

Broadcast seeding – This involves scattering seed over the disturbed area and then incorporating it into the soil with either a cultipacker or roller.

Hydromulching – This is a cost-effective revegetation method that can be used on large areas of land. Hydromulching involves mixing seed, mulch, and water, and then applying the mixture to the land.

Direct seeding – This is a more labour-intensive revegetation method that is most optimally used on small areas of land. Direct seeding involves planting seedlings or seeds by hand.

Planting tube stock – This revegetation method involves planting seedlings that have been grown in tubes or pots. This revegetation method is best utilised on steep slopes or in areas of high wind.

Benefits of Revegetation

Improves environmental outcomes

Revegetation can help to improve environmental outcomes by reducing erosion, restoring habitats, and improving water quality

Reduces costs

Revegetation can help to reduce the costs associated with erosion control and sedimentation

Reduces the risk of landslides

Revegetation can help to reduce the risk of landslides by stabilising the soil and preventing erosion

Compliance with legislation

Revegetation is often a requirement of state and federal legislation, and failure to revegetate can result in significant fines

The RST Solutions Difference

RST Solutions has a range of revegetation products to assist with revegetation for flat areas and sloped landscapes, for large-scale mining operations to small construction sites.

RST Solutions understands the challenges involved in repairing damaged landscapes, and are committed to
providing the appropriate solution to assist their clients restore land to a healthy state.


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safe products

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RST Solutions can assist with your Revegetation Project

With over 30 years’ experience and expertise we can provide appropriate solutions to assist with your revegetation project so you can successfully revegetate your site. Contact RST Solutions today to find out more.