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Poorly maintained roads can lead to costly damage and be a safety hazard to road users. In many cases, traditional methods of road stabilisation are simply not effective enough. RST Solutions develops and manufactures additives that are mixed with water and sprayed onto the road surface to provide a superior road stabilisation solution that will help maintain your unsealed roads in a safe and smooth condition.

RST Solutions’ Road Stabilisation Products

Liquid soil

Liquid polymer
compaction aid 

Road stabiliser and
dust suppressant
(haul & LV roads)

Road Stabilisation Products and Solutions from RST Solutions

We provide superior road stabilising products and solutions that improve the stability, strength, structural integrity and surface life of existing roadways.

Our road stabilising products bind soil particles together creating a more compact and stable mass. This facilitates improved compaction levels and increased bearing capacity, resulting in stronger, more durable roads that can withstand heavy traffic loads.

Using our products can also help with maintaining a smooth road surface, significantly minimises dust, road cracking, potholes, and other forms of road damage.

Road Construction and Stabilisation Applications we treat

Our soil stabilising additives can be applied on:

  • Unsealed roads
  • Car parks
  • Hardstand areas
  • Construction pads
  • Foundations
  • Airstrips
  • Anywhere structurally compacted base materials are required

When applied to gravel roads, our products provide a longer lasting, weatherproof road surface.

Our products are applied during normal construction and maintenance programs.

Benefits of using RST Solutions’ Road Stabilisation Products

Reduced environmental impact

Significant savings in resources, including water and equipment

Improved road structural integrity

Increases road surface life and reduces maintenance

Greater road material density

Through the reduction of void spaces between the soil particles

Increased road strength and bearing capacity

Greater road material density improves road strength and bearing capacity

Lower compressibility

The road material can be compacted faster using less force to achieve maximum compaction

Reduced water permeability

Alleviate mud and slush through a tighter denser material structure

Fines loss reduction

Significantly reduces dust, erosion, and road material loss


Cost savings for

safe products

Ongoing customer
service & support

Product Application Equipment

Our soil stabilising aids are simply diluted in the compaction water and can be applied using water carts, spray nozzle systems, agricultural sprays or backpacks. We can also advise or custom design spray systems to suit the application.

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Material types suitable for our road stabilisers

Our carefully formulated soil stabilising additives have been developed to be used on these material types:

  • High plasticity material (fly ash, high clay content)
  • Zero to low plasticity material (sandy, silty materials)
  • Materials that are not compatible with water

With our products, application methods and over 30 years’ experience in road stabilisation combined, we can provide a solution to your road stabilisation challenges

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