Dust Control and


Guardian Road Binder

Road stabiliser and dust suppressant (haul and LV roads)

Guardian Road Binder is the latest chemical advancement in RST Solutions’ road stabiliser and dust suppressant product range specifically developed for haul and light vehicle road applications for both manned and autonomous operations.

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  • Dust compliance
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Significant savings in resources including water and equipment
  • Easily stored, mixed and applied
  • Significantly reduces dust, erosion and sediment loss
  • Adjust the dosage rate to achieve the most effective cost-benefit
  • Can be used above ground or underground
  • For manned and autonomous operations


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Guardian Road Binder is diluted in water and sprayed onto the road’s surface or into the road material. Dilution rates vary upon the application. Please contact RST Solutions for further information.

Health, Safety, Environment and the Community (HSEC)

RST Solutions strives, through a process of continuous improvement, to fully integrate health, safety, environmental and community (HSEC) consciousness into all aspects of its activities.

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