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Erosion on can lead to issues such as dust, sediment loss and sediment in water. It’s common to have erosion issues if erosion control measures aren’t in place. Need a solution for preventing and reducing erosion?

RST Solutions’ Erosion Control products

Dust suppressant, erosion control and long term crusting agent

dust suppressant

Stockpile and exposed ground crusting agent for dust and erosion control

Erosion Control Products & Solutions from RST Solutions

We are a leading global environmental specialist that provides customised erosion control solutions for a variety of applications in the mining, civil construction and infrastructure, renewables and revegetation industries.

Our products are designed specifically for the areas they treat. We can provide the required solution that is diluted and applied onto the treatment area. Our products bind the
fine particles together forming a layer of crust that seals
the treated area resulting in significantly less dust and erosion.

We are committed to continually improving environmental performance and conducting operations with due diligence to protect and improve the environment.

Erosion Control Applications we treat

Benefits of using RST Solutions' Erosion Control products

Reduced erosion

Products bind the soil, reducing erosion caused by wind and water

Improved water clarification

Reduced sediment runoff from treated areas leads to improved water clarity downstream

Minimised mulching costs

Reduce the need for mulch in many applications by binding the topsoil

Faster planting benefits

Get faster rehabilitation and revegetation results

Reduced sediment loss

Treating erosion-prone areas reduces sediment loss

Need help with product selection?

RST Solutions is your partner in Erosion Control

Operators who implement effective erosion control solutions can see significant time and cost savings by preventing or mitigating erosion issues. Our team of erosion control specialists can provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

We provide a comprehensive range of products and services to solve various erosion control issues. We have designed our products with the project in mind, considering the available equipment, the problem, and the most cost-effective way to treat it.

Customised erosion
control solutions

Cost savings for

safe products

Ongoing customer
service & support

With our products, application methods and over 30 years’ experience in erosion control combined, we can solve many complex erosion control challenges faced by operators.

Operators must remain vigilant
to prevent and mitigate erosion

Australian state legislation, environmental guidelines and best practice dictates that operators take all practicable measures to prevent and mitigate erosion. To protect water quality, reduce sedimentation, and decrease the potential for landslides and damage to infrastructure, effective erosion control measures are needed.

There are several erosion control methods and products on the market, however, the best erosion control solution will vary depending on the specific application and site conditions.

With proper planning and implementation, operators can control erosion and protect their assets.