Dust Control and


Total Ground Control Plus

(Includes green dye)

Dust suppressant and dust control, erosion control, long term veneering agent

Total Ground Control Plus works on all material types. Once applied Total Ground Control Plus locks down all material to protect against wind and water erosion. 

Main uses include:

  • Soil Binder for erosion control
  • Broad acre dust suppressant
  • Stockpile binder
  • Revegetation binder
  • Hydromulching binder
  • Hydroseeding binder

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  • Requires only one application
  • Can last up to 18 months
  • Easily applied through any watering system
  • Simply dilutes with water
  • Can be applied with seed and planting programs
  • UV and rain tolerant


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Total Ground Control Plus is diluted in water at a rate of between 2% – 10%. This solution is sprayed onto the treatment zone at a rate of 1 – 2 litres per m². In addition, Total Ground Control Plus has numerous applications in the agricultural industry and can be sprayed directly over seeds, plants and trees. 

Total Ground Control Plus becomes fully effective upon drying. Note that Total Ground Control Plus should not be applied on waterlogged ground or stockpiles. Care should be taken when deciding to apply to clay. Wait for ground/clay to dry out before applying Total Ground Control Plus

When used with a marking dye, should the dye fade, it is no reflection on the performance of the veneer.


Application – Total Ground Control Plus applied to embankments for dust and erosion control

Project – Burleigh to Palm Beach Project (B2PB) – Upgrade of the Pacific Motorway (M1)

Client – SMA Infrastructure

Customer Review

SMA Infrastructure has been using RST Solutions’ Total Ground Control Plus product for approximately the last 9 months on the Burleigh to Palm Beach Project (B2PB) – Upgrade of the Pacific Motorway (M1). RST Solutions’ Total Ground Control Plus product performed very well in many different situations (i.e. cut batters, preload embankments, and other disturbed areas) and has reduced the potential for dust and erosion. This has resulted in less impact on the community and environment and results in less re-work for our construction teams. The product has performed very well to date, considering the quantity and intensity of the rainfall events. This view is supported by our Superintendent in Zone 1 and 2 who has previously used the product on another project and highly recommended it for this project. Not only can I strongly recommend the product based on its performance, but also the customer service we have received throughout this period. Customer service is an important element to manage unexpected changes in construction and weather patterns.
Environmental Manager
SMA Infrastructure

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