3 ways to minimise soil erosion and dust

October 27, 2017

Construction sites face many challenges every day, one of the biggest ones is how to control soil erosion and dust. Excessive dust and erosion can cause a large array of problems in the areas where the work is taking place. It is crucial that companies comply with local regulations or they could face penalisations.

Causes of Dust Generation

There are many elements onsite that contribute to the generation of dust. Heavy machinery and uncovered stockpiles can generate dust that creates adverse working conditions and affect productivity. Weather conditions also play a role in the level of dust and erosion caused by a project. Although it is impossible to control the weather, it is essential to use dust control products and erosion control services.

  1. Use the Right Products

Using specialised products for dust and erosion control will make a huge difference in your site. There are different formulas specially created to deal with problematic areas in a worksite, such as roads, stockpiles and material transportation. These products are environmentally friendly and provide long-lasting results. The formulas are made to withstand rain, wind and other weather conditions. Including them as part of your dust and erosion managing program will give excellent results and reduce costs.

  1. Hire Erosion Control Services

Each project has its own challenges. Experts in erosion management will be able to help you by designing solutions tailored to your project. This will allow them to address all your concerns and deliver proposals that meet your requirements.

  1. Monitor the Results

You can use equipment to monitor how effective the products that you are using are. The monitoring units are easy to operate and they can be moved around the site. The data they gather is indispensable to find out if your dust and erosion control program requires any changes. You can easily locate problem areas and act accordingly. This information will allow you to manage and reduce your costs.