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RST Solutions has a diverse range of products and solutions for managing fine particles, such as a marking dye, soil wetter, compaction aid, crusting agent, absorbent crystals, and more. Wondering if we have the perfect solution for your specific needs?

RST Solutions’ Miscellaneous Products

Super soil wetter, rewetter and chemical spreader

A ‘superboost’ for haul road dust suppressant range

compaction aid

plant protector

Dynamic road
dust suppressant

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A ‘superboost’ for RT9
haul road dust suppressant

Odour neutraliser
and masking agent

All-trafficked area
dust suppressant

Crusting agent for material
transport for effective dust control

For ‘fast’ water penetration
and material saturation

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Area identification

Long term, all weather stabilising
additive and dust suppressant

Super absorbant

RST Solutions’ products are simply diluted and applied directly onto the treatment area using water carts, spray nozzle systems, agricultural sprays or backpacks. They can also advise or custom design spray systems to suit the application.


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safe products

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