Dynamic road dust suppressant

Hammer is a very effective road dust suppressant that provides
a solution to your operational optimisation challenges. 

Adding Hammer into the water used to suppress mechanical dust
lift-off from ‘Dynamic’ roads allows for aggregation of the fine particles (making them larger and heavier to minimise dust lift-off and reduce
the height of dust that does lift off), compacts the road running surface after continued use to reduce roll resistance and road degradation,
and produces significant savings by reducing the time between
repeat watering and road maintenance requirements.

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  • Suitable for unsealed ‘Dynamic’ roads that are watered, continually graded
    and worked hard
  • Excellent results achieved in underground mining applications
  • Works well in the ‘Dynamic’ pit roads as well as permanent surrounding roads
  • Saves water, reduces watering cycles and increases fleet optimisation
  • No large upfront implementation costs
  • Faster road recovery after rain to allow production to remobilise faster
  • Dilutes easily into the water cart and is applied topically for instant results
  • Dosage rate can be increased to improve material compaction strengths
  • Minimises requirements for unsealed road maintenance programs
  • Freight cost savings due to minimal dosage rates


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Customised Solutions

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Add a small amount of Hammer directly into each load of water being applied to the road surface to achieve the recommended results.
The frequency of applications will reduce with product build up. 
Dosage rates are dependent on water quality and material types.
Dilution range 1:10,000 to 1:20,000. 

RST Solutions has a range of dosing pumps available to inject the correct dosage into each water cart.

Expected Results

Independent testing has proven average reductions in road dust generation, with additional reductions up to 50% in watering and maintenance requirements is achievable.

Health, Safety, Environment and the Community (HSEC)

RST Solutions strives, through a process of continuous improvement, to fully integrate health, safety, environmental and community (HSEC) consciousness into all aspects of its activities.

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