Women climbing to top in mining, as shown by Gold Coast’s Reynolds Soil Technologies

June 9, 2012

Publication: The Daily Telegraph – Online, Courier Mail – Online

Date: Monday May 28, 2012

A GOLD Coast company is helping to change the face of the mining industry, with female staff driving success internationally.

Reynolds Soil Technologies has recorded a rise in the number of women in its dust control business in the fields of engineering. Technical trade and environmental science

“‘We have seen an increase of approximately 30 per cent over the past few years of women moving into mining roles. RST director Peter Parkinson said

“The work culture of mining is changing and we are seeing more females qualified or studying to enter into the mining industry.

“For example at our head office in Burleigh we have a female Griffith University student studying environmental science monitoring and modelling of dust in mining.

“Though there is still a stigma around mining being a man’s job this is beginning to shift as more and more talented women enter the workforce.

He said being an equal opportunity employer ensured the company got the best available talent no matter what gender- including its Argentina-based country manager Melanie Seal

“The job is not easy but I love it I love the challenge.” said Ms Seal “I have been able to continue to grow professionally and specialise in mining which I thoroughly enjoy.”

She said the stigma around the industry being a bloke’s job was no more.

“‘Women’s career opportunities have been evolving and mining is one of the last industries where we are moving into ” she said.

“As long as you enjoy what you do, that is the main thing. There’s nothing to prove.  We are different but equally capable.”

RST provides dust management soil stabilisation and erosion, water and agricultural solutions for mine sites. Haul roads and ports in Australia, South America, South Africa, Asia and New Caledonia.