What is erosion control?

June 16, 2017

Environmental laws in Australia put pressure on companies to maintain a high standard of erosion control, and to keep the amount of soil which is lost into the environment to a minimum. Businesses with a significant amount of soil erosion may attempt a variety of different practices in order to try to combat this loss, but if you and your business are still asking: what is erosion control and how can it affect my business, then you may need to find another way to combat soil erosion on your site. Working with teams of experts to set up environmental policies and dust control strategies can help your business to comply with legal requirements and set a good standard for dust management.

Understanding erosion control

The basic principle behind erosion control is that it is the policy of attempting to control and manage soil erosion in for example construction or land development sites. Effective management of erosion control involves confronting water run-off points and air pollution by dust. Erosion Control strategies are designed to avoid polluting local watercourses, reduce soil loss on the site, and ensure that the environment is as unpolluted at the end of the construction job. There is a variety of different methods employed in erosion control, including creating physical barriers which reduce the impact of wind upon dust piles, or limit water movement within the site; sediment control methods including sediment and silt basins or fencing, and resins designed to bind with fine soil to prevent it from becoming airborne or waterborne.

Erosion control methods and your company

Once you have established what the erosion control method for your business is, you will then need to list some help in gathering the tools needed to implement the policies. Talking with specialist erosion control companies in Australia can help you to establish exactly what you need to prevent soil run-off on your site, and may also allow you to make particular choices about the products that you use. For example, some businesses are very keen on using environmentally friendly methods to reduce soil erosion, while others want solutions which are easy to use and provide a quick soil management structure. Whatever type of erosion control methods you choose it is important that you create policies which are designed to encourage your team to implement the strategies regularly, and that everyone is involved in the handling and management of erosion control methods.