What are Effective Erosion Control Measures?

May 8, 2018

Erosion is a serious problem in working sites around Australia, so that the national government has issued guidelines concerning environmental controls and the loss of soil through dust and water run-off. While there is no single perfect solution to the problem of erosion control in Australia, there are some effective methods that you can use to limit the amount of soil that is lost while you are working in a particular area.

Preventing dust erosion

Dust is a serious problem which affects most haul roads and other areas of work sites. Keeping roads moist through water and dust suppression additives can be one way to control the amount of dust produced, along with encouraging vegetation to grow over exposed soils. Additives known as tackifiers may also be used in combination with mulch media to help foster seed germination in areas with no traffic.

Managing erosion

The importance of controlling soil loss along work sites and waterways means that most companies are investing in erosion control methods in Australia. There are several different types of erosion management tools which can be used to control soil loss, and these work best when they are combined together in order to create a complete circuit of your site, preventing dust from becoming airborne, and trapping water-borne soil before it reaches stream and rivers in the surrounding environment.