Water Reducing Dust Suppressant for Trafficable Areas

May 25, 2018

On large, open air sites such as quarries and mines, dust suppression in trafficable areas is one of the biggest problems a site manager has to face. Very heavy machines with huge tyres churn up ground and create dust; this has just been accepted as a fact of life at these sites. While dust control systems have been evolving over the years, often the mainstay of dust control is still the application of large amounts of water. As the industry leader in dust and erosion control, RST is committed to changing this.

Zero Tolerance
As a result of our ongoing research and development programme, Zero is a waterless dust suppressant for trafficable areas. While useful for quarries and mines, it also has applications on any other unsealed surfaces such as hard stand vehicle parking areas, storage yards and livestock areas.

One application of our Zero treatment can last anywhere from a couple of weeks up to 6 months or more (subject to dose rates and conditions). It is a blend of synthetic and organic technology, which we apply directly to trafficable areas depending on the volume and type of traffic, the type of surface material and how long the area needs to stay dust free.

Low Maintenance
Zero is an emollient, and the product of our research into dust control systems. Unlike water based treatments, it is specially designed to penetrate the surface of the trafficable area, and aggregate the material by weighing it down. This means it will not be disturbed by traffic, but remain in place within the road surface, so the surface will not be able to turn to dust.

Zero is ideal for areas with low rainfall, and hot environments where water evaporates quickly. It does not freeze overnight or during the winter, and can be reapplied as required, to maintain surface integrity over time.

It may be necessary to carry out a secondary, maintenance application of Zero after initial treatment. Maintenance applications only require 30% of the initial treatment amount when applied at the right time.

Zero is environmentally friendly and has no odour. On surfaces where vehicles perform tight turns, Zero remains in the top layer of material, which allows tyres to screw into the ground without producing dust.

Before applying Zero, excess dust should be removed, and the trafficable area should be dry. This allows the emollient to be absorbed properly into the surface material, penetrating the surface for effective dust control.

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