RST spray nozzle hits the dust

March 8, 2018

A spray nozzle system that binds a fine particle spray with dust molecules to suppress dust is now available from Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST Solutions).

The Quickfit spray nozzle is from RST Solutions’ range of customised mechanical equipment.

The nozzle is applied externally to a bracket that is mounted on a dispersion point on the outside of a chute.

This external bracket makes it easy to access for maintenance, and allows for modification from the outside of an enclosure, which slashes the time and expense usually involved when maintaining traditional internal nozzle systems.

Designed with a 2mm opening to limit blockages, the nozzle is also encased in a urethane block to protect it from damage caused by falling materials.

RST Solutions operations and technical director David Handel said the Quickfit was developed for a better quality mechanical spray system that was effective, low maintenance and easily installed and modified.

Handel said so many sites were losing time and money to traditional spray nozzle systems that required maintenance workers to access nozzles from the inside of chutes, which meant shutting down procedures for extended periods while maintenance took place.

He said having the nozzle easily accessed from the outside of chutes allowed for quick and easy installation, maintenance and modification that was less labour-intensive.

Handel said that when combined with RST Solutions’ RT60 Spray Plus, the Quickfit nozzle system optimised dust suppressant capabilities by altering the characteristics of the water to electrostatically attract and capture smaller dust particles at a considerably faster rate than water alone.