RST spray no sticking point

May 24, 2018

Fine particle specialist Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST Solutions) releases Release-It, a non-stick, non-hazardous advanced film forming release agent that is sprayed onto metal surfaces to stop material sticking to equipment.

The advance formula is easily applied to the inside of truck trays, rail cars and machinery buckets to allow all the loaded material to slide easily off the metal surfaces, ensuring complete emptying of bulk materials from equipment such as haul trucks, chutes, hoppers and conveyor belts.

The product can reduce or eliminate carry-back and increase the payload size per cycle, which will mean fewer cycles per job and a big savings in fuel costs, labour expenses and vehicle and machinery wear.

RST Solutions operations and technical director David Handel said Release-It is also being used to reduce the amount of clay and mud build-up on vehicle undercarriages and dramatically reduces the need for personnel to manually clean truck beds, carts and conveyor systems, which removes the potential for injuries.

Handel said one application of Release-It is effective over multiple loads with the simple method repeated as required, with the coverage rate is dependent on the porosity of the metal with the non-stick release agent applied, using a fine manual or powered spray system.

He said the spray system can be as simple as a garden sprayer or more intricate as a fully automated high-speed system, and users have reported improved productivity, significant decreases in maintenance costs and much greater machinery utilisation.

According to Handel, Release-It is achieving exceptional results with all material types including heavy clays and asphalt, and has been proven to prevent ore from freezing to truck beds and rail wagons.