RST Solutions Modifies Advanced Haul Road Technology For Community Infrastructure Projects Globally

November 2, 2023

Global leader in the management of fine particles, RST Solutions has the ability to tailor its range of high performance products designed for mine sites to meet the unique requirements of a wide range of projects.

Gold Coast, Queensland Jul 27, 2022 ( – From international residential developments to local hiking trails and BMX tracks, companies building community infrastructure in Australia and around the world are achieving higher standards in the delivery of projects using advanced technologies designed by RST Solutions for mining and construction of roads.

Residential developers in Malaysia are working with RST Solutions (Reynolds Soil Technologies) to develop a new product for the construction of natural-looking permeable pathways for aesthetics and health and safety purposes.

RST Solutions’ Asean Region Director Ramesh Sreedaran says RST Solutions is developing a product for the construction of natural-looking pathways that enables water to drain through the surface and out through a layer below.

He says the focus is on health and safety as well as visual appeal – to provide a cutting-edge product that assists in the construction of durable walking tracks that look natural, with superior drainage that keeps the water from ponding on the surface so it doesn’t create a slipping hazard.

“Our clients are creating new secure, safe neighbourhoods that encourage activity and connectivity, particularly to nature,” Mr. Sreedaran said.

“So rather than using traditional concrete, they are looking to build pathways that blend in with the natural environment, while still remaining highly durable and safe.

“We are undertaking a very large trial project to deliver a product that supports the construction of porous pathways with maximum compaction to stand the test of time.

“Malaysia receives high rainfall all year round so it is essential to build walking paths with good drainage to avoid water pooling and moss growth.

“Residential developers of housing estates in Malaysia are incorporating a lot of green space to offer an alternative from concrete jungles and we are excited to be involved in assisting in the creation of natural-looking pathways that have the highest safety standards.”

Three decades of work in the field of fine particle management for underground and open cut mining, civil construction, and agricultural operations, equips RST Solutions with the ability to solve unique site issues by drawing on technology developed for the various applications in these industries.

RST Solutions’ Research and Development Department draws on the depth of knowledge from 30 years of developing products for particular purposes required by their clients across the areas of dust suppression, revegetation, water management, erosion control, and soil stabilisation.

In Australia, hiking trails and BMX tracks are being constructed to the highest standards using products adapted from RST Solutions’ advanced road building technologies.

RST Solutions Business Development Manager Michael Allen is assisting niche construction companies by supplying advanced technologies adapted from RST Solutions’ suite of soil stabilisers and binders.

“Technology we developed for unpaved roads and other applications can be used to build quality tracks that withstand the test of time and extreme wet weather events,” Mr. Allen said.

“An Australian company that builds competition-grade BMX tracks is having success using our technology to build and stabilise tracks that provide a better, safer surface for BMX racing and require less maintenance.

“It’s the same type of technology we supply for unpaved roads and we can say with confidence that if it can be used for roads, it will assist in constructing the highest quality tracks for walking or cycling.

“Our haul road technology offers the highest standards of road stabilisation and can be adapted for community infrastructure, whether they are tracks for walking or BMX competitions, to provide durability which saves money long-term. Rest assured they are going to be a lot more resilient against extreme wet weather events.

“Instead of fixing walking tracks after they are washed out and deemed unsafe for use after heavy rain and flooding, tracks constructed with our technology will offer better protection and won’t need such extensive repairs.”

“By using our product during the construction phase, it will save money long-term by requiring less maintenance. For example, instead of inspecting conditions and carrying out any necessary maintenance every three months, they may only need to do it after 12 months or as required.”

RST Solutions specialises in solving complex dust issues for infrastructure projects globally with customised solutions adapted to varying factors such as materials and processes involved, local weather patterns, temperatures, and land topography.

By taking into consideration a project’s targets and construction processes, RST Solutions develops advanced technologies tailored to solve site-specific issues caused by all types of fine particle matter from dust to mud, and silt to sediment.

This expertise comes from over thirty years of experience gained from developing solutions for extensive fine particle challenges presented by numerous industries, processes, and material types.

RST Solutions is an Australian business operating internationally, with presence and projects currently in the United States of America, China, India, Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Panama, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Indonesia, The Philippines, Malaysia, Croatia, Lithuania, and Mongolia.

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