RST Solutions launches new micro polymer range for hard rock, underground and open-cut coal mining

May 26, 2014

Reynolds Soil Technolgies (RST Solutions) has launched a new range of dust suppression solutions for the international mining industry.

Media Clipping –, Monday 26 May

A leader in dust control systems for ‘pit to port’ operations, RST Solutions has been treating haul road and mine site dust emissions on a global scale for close to three decades, continually developing the latest technology and products for use by major mining companies.

RST Solutions uses advanced micro polymer technology in its latest range of dust suppression solutions, which has been designed as a premium solution for all types of mining where bulk dust is generated as a result of heavy vehicle operation and haulage.

RST Solutions’ new Avenger range features ultra-concentrated, eco-friendly and fast-acting dust control solutions capable of treating challenging material types found in all forms of mining operations. The Avenger range comprises of three individually-tailored liquid polymer products, purpose-built for dust management applications in the open-cut coal (Avenger Coal), underground (Avenger Underground) and hard rock (Avenger Hard Rock) mining environments.

Though diverse in application and treatment areas, each solution delivers major benefits including a significant reduction in all chemical requirements.

While the new super-concentrated technology will see mines use significantly less product, RST Solutions’ Operations and Technical Director David Handel said the solution itself had the potential to be significantly stronger than typical dust suppressants on the market. Thanks to the micro polymer innovation, results will be instant, eliminating dust lift-off and improving material quality in just one application.

According to Mr Handel, continued research and development programs have helped successfully revolutionise the RST Solutions’ standard dust suppressant products to create the latest in biodegradable chemical dust solution technology for mining and haulage operations.

RST Solutions’ new Avenger range has been trialled extensively at major mine sites throughout Australia and overseas; results indicate that each treatment has the potential to deliver far greater results than available products currently on the market. Across all applications, the Avenger solution uses extremely low dosage rates as it is diluted at ultra-low concentrations into the site’s existing water carts. This means mine sites no longer require large quantities of product to achieve maximum results, ensuring a cost-effective outlay with minimal logistical, freight, storage and handling costs.

Additional benefits of the Avenger dust suppression technology include improved road roll resistance and water cart utilisation, as well as a significant reduction in water usage, grading and maintenance requirements.

Mr Handel said they also recommend Avenger’s pre-treatment product, Boost X, which has been designed to ‘super boost’ the initial performance of the product by wetting out any powdery or loose material and accelerating the penetration of Avenger into the road’s surface.

RST Solutions has more than 26 years of experience specialising in total dust management, soil stabilisation and erosion, water for mine sites, civil projects, ports and land sites in Australia and overseas.