RST Solutions launches erosion control product suite

October 19, 2015

Australian dust, erosion and sediment control company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST Solutions) has developed and launched an advanced Erosion Control Suite of products it stated are cost effective, easily applied and deliver immediate results.

RST Solutions develops fast, effective and environmentally friendly solutions for the mining, construction, civil and agricultural industries, and said it has developed the Erosion Control Suite to solve a broad range of erosion control challenges faced by operators.

The Erosion Control Suite is a collection of RST Solutions high-tech, problem solving products including:

  • Flockit Liquid & Blocks (water sediment remover);
  • Hydromulch Tackifier (polymer hydromulch fixative);
  • Prime X (wetting agent);
  • RT5 Superskin (medium term soil binder);
  • Sedibind (fine soil particle fixative);
  • Seed Stay & Grow (seed fixative and protectant);
  • Shamrock Green (marking dye);
  • Supersorb (super absorbent crystals);
  • Total Ground Control (long term soil binder);
  • Turboseed (hydroseeding liquid fertiliser);
  • Supernatural (powdered hydroseeding binder); and
  • Infiltrator (water infiltration aid).

In open broad acre areas, RST Solutions can supply the appropriate veneer product from the Erosion Control Suite that is diluted and sprayed directly onto the treatment area by water carts or other equipment such as aeroplanes or even hovercrafts.

Long and short-term veneer treatments from the Erosion Control Suite can be applied to stockpiles via water cart, hydromulching truck or injection into the spray irrigation systems to stop dust, erosion and sediment loss.

Erosion Control Suite products can be used on projects where floccing and dewatering is required, with solutions available in liquid, granule or block form to assist in the clarification of water.

David Handel, operations and technical director at RST Solutions, said that the range of products in the Erosion Control Suite have been designed and packaged together to provide a complete solution to the broad variety of problems related to erosion, including dust control, ground stabilisation and site rehabilitation.

He added “RST Solutions’ point of difference is that we go out into the field and work side by side with clients to really listen and identify what their unique challenges are. Our team of industry experts then work out which products are needed from our broad range of solutions to provide the most cost-effective and efficient plan to obtain the highest level of operational optimisation.

“We can develop new products and tailor services or total packages to manage specific situations, because every client, site and environment we deal with is different.  We then offer ongoing on and off-site training and support to all of our clients, because the key to success is ensuring our recommendations are followed through with the correct operational support.”