RST Solutions goes underground with new geosorb technology

July 8, 2013

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July, 2013


LEADING Australian dust management and soil stabilisation company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST Solutions) is heading underground, with their latest technology providing a cutting-edge solution for water-based slurries formed in underground mines.

Geosorb is one of the latest products launched from RST Solutions and Proof Engineers new Geopolymers product range and is a high-performing superabsorbent formula specifically designed for slurry liquid solidification in underground mining.

Developed in conjunction with and validated by Proof Engineers, who has a long-standing strategic alliance with RST Solutions, the new Geosorb product was created when RST Solutions indentified the need for advanced polymer-based water management solutions in underground mines.

With superior performance compared to alternative applications currently on the market, the biodegradable and environmentally friendly product is capable of absorbing water over 400 times its own weight and can be easily applied to swillies, to solidify the watery sludge or slurry for disposal.

Following recent trials conducted in underground mine sites throughout Australia; the award-winning company has continually recorded outstanding results – with Geosorb proving to be a cost-effective, non-hazardous and easily implemented dewatering solution for underground mines.

With most underground mines turning to hydraulic pumps, RST Solutions’ business development manager Paul Heimburger said Geosorb would provide an alternative material handling solution for underground mining companies dealing with unwanted water ingress.

“Underground water ingress is a huge problem for most mining companies in operation and the removal of the excess water can be extremely costly. There are many different dewatering applications, all of which are dependent on the mine’s geological characteristics, including the mine’s type and depth,” Mr Heimburger said.

“Geosorb is a high performing product and was designed for applications where watery sludge, slimes or slurries located in operational areas containing too many solids makes pumping impractical or are too diluted in density to be excavated or conveyed. Though there are specific pumps for removing water-based slurries, these are extremely heavy and bulky in size, and are not always a preferable option for deep and continually expanding mines.

“As underground mine sites require a fast-acting and effective solution to manage ground water issues or for creating these slurries, Geosorb can be applied to solidify the material for immediate disposal, without impeding production. Due to its non-water releasing encapsulation technology, slurries will be solidified with the advantage that contaminated fine particles are being removed from the mine through the process, ensuring the safety of mine workers and the environment.”

Mr Heimburger said as Geosorb featured unique polymer technology which allows the product to absorb up to 400 times its own weight, mine sites would only require minimal product to achieve maximum results.

“In terms of volume, only a minimal amount of Geosorb is required to solidify a large amount of water-based material – depending on the size, depth and density of the water or slurry, only small quantities of the product is needed,” Mr Heimburger said.

“Geosorb can also be applied to any watery slurry, obtaining immediate results – meaning you don’t have the issue of the dewatering system failing, which not only effects operation but can be costly to fix.

“As a result of its advance technology, the Geosorb product can also be used in the application of a dewatering geotextile tube – improving the overall performance of this dewatering solution and enhancing its solid waste containment efficiency.”

Underground mining product specialist company, CQMS Razer has been working with various underground mine sites throughout Australia, who have been trialing the Geosorb technology.

CQMS Razer Business Manager Glenn Toner said they have had successful results from the trials they have conducted, with the Geosorb product being an easy-to-use material handling solution for underground water management.

“As a result of our client’s trials, we have found that Geosorb has two key differences, being volume and content characteristics, in comparison to other applications currently on the market and products they have previously used,” Mr Toner said.

“Clients tell us they want a product that can be easily transported and applied underground and is safe to handle – and we have found Geosorb is meeting this demand.”

Mr Toner said Geosorb had been well-received by the mine sites currently trialing the product, with underground coal mining companies looking to utilize the technology in their regular water management system.

RST Solutions has more than 25 years experience specialising in total dust management, soil stabilisation and erosion, water for mine sites, civil projects, ports and land sites in Australia and overseas.

The company’s head office is based at Burleigh Heads, Queensland with an additional office in Western Australia. RST Solutions’ international operations extend to regions including South and North America, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and Europe.

For more information please contact RST Solutions on (07) 5317 1080.