RST Solutions announces advanced trials on new technology to reduce dust extinction moisture in specific ores

October 19, 2023

Advanced trials of RST Solutions latest technology TFC (Total Fines Control) are underway at a major mining company in response to challenges achieving the mandatory Dust Extinction Moisture (DEM) levels with specific ores.

Gold Coast, Queensland May 16, 2023 (  – RST Solutions has been developing an advanced product for specific ores to reduce dust emissions in response to challenges faced by mining companies in achieving the mandatory Dust Extinction Moisture (DEM) levels.

TFC (Total Fines Control) is now in the advanced trial phase, with field tests being conducted by a global mining and metals company at their Australian port operations.

RST Solutions is a leading fine particle specialist with three decades of experience developing customised solutions for the many various challenges faced by mining companies involving fine particles from dust to tailings dams, haul roads and tunnelling.

The Research and Development team at RST Solutions have been working on TFC in response to the issue of different ores requiring different treatments for dust control in order to comply with strict DEM standards for airborne contaminants.

Results from preliminary testing of TFC show a significant reduction in DEM for these bulk materials.

Early testing showed DEM reductions of up to 3.8%, representing around a 40% reduction in water requirements to achieve these levels.

RST Solutions Operations and Technical Director David Handel says this is unprecedented and the field tests were exciting for everyone involved in such applications.

“Achieving the right DEM content in ore is difficult, and resource and cost intensive,” Mr Handel said.

“A product like TFC that assists in reaching the target DEM can offer several advantages to mining companies and the entire material supply chain.

“TFC remains active in the material as it is being moved down the supply chain, adding more value to the product for clients and their customers by continuing to achieve DEM targets until it is processed by the end user.

“It is also critical that the chemistry maintains product quality for processing and manufacturing.

“Some dust suppression agents affect product quality however our high-functioning formulas are designed to preserve mineral properties for processing, adding value to downstream operations, not undermining end user processes by altering the product’s chemistry and devaluing quality”.

“These field trials will determine TFC’s level of effectiveness and once we have the correct dosages, the company is planning to incorporate this advanced chemical treatment process at their mining operations to achieve a complete treatment of their lead and zinc concentrate.”

RST Solutions Research and Development team of chemical engineers specialise in modifying material types to significantly reduce dust emissions, adapting the chemistry for compatibility with varying factors such as materials being mined, processes involved and end-user expectations.

RST Solutions’ suite of high-performance products target all types of fine particle issues from dust to mud, silt to sediment, in response to companies’ needs across numerous industries seeking more project optimisation strategies for a wide range of projects, processes and material types presented.

Advanced technology developed by RST Solutions in the past 30 years has been achieving higher levels of dust control resulting in higher levels of efficiency along the whole material supply chain while remaining compatible with end-user expectations.

After selecting the most appropriate methods, RST Solutions adjusts the chemistry for compatibility with bulk materials, in this case the specific ores being mined, and takes into consideration the site’s dust control application equipment and systems already in place to tailor a solution.

RST Solutions is an Australian business operating internationally, with presence and projects currently in the United States of America, China, India, Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Panama, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Indonesia, The Philippines, Malaysia, Croatia, Lithuania and Mongolia.

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