Queensland based company is leading the way in haul road construction

December 20, 2012

Publication: The Mining Chronicle

Date: December edition

Mining and dust solutions company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST Solutions) has seen international success for its innovative and technological developments in haul road construction.


The award-winning company, based in Queensland, has over 24 years experience in designing and developing cutting edge haul road construction and maintenance technology for the mining industry. RST Solutions works with international mine sites affected by damaged or deteriorated haul roads, implementing its cost effective road stabilisation, surface maintenance and dust remediation products throughout the construction and maintenance phase to improve road conditions.

RST Solutions’ operations and technical director David Handel said the environmentally friendly products complemented standard practices in road construction and earthworks.

“We specialise in providing advanced solutions to all areas of mining, in particular where hazardous dust and haul road damage are of major concern,” Mr¬†Handel said. “Productivity can be significantly affected as a result of these issues. Our role is to counter-act this by implementing effective solutions that will successfully prevent damage, erosion and dust from occurring.” Mr Handel said RST Solutions’ leading road stabiliser, RT20 Dynamic, has been well received internationally, providing mine sites with a durable and dynamic solution.

“RT20 Dynamic is a multi-faceted liquid soluble solution, which has been formulated to increase material density and strength,” Mr Handel said. “The eco-friendly product not only improves the road’s structural integrity, but reduces road maintenance and roll resistance, as well as protecting the road’s surface from rapid deterioration and damage.” RST Solutions also has a strategic alliance with Proof Engineers, which specialises in high strength haul road stabilisation and performance monitoring across mine sites globally.