Mechanical Solutions

Teksmart is a division of RST Solutions and has a long history of helping operators and contractors to achieve maximum results on their projects through the use of dosage pumps and spray equipment.

The Teksmart Difference

Teksmart has the experience and expertise to customise a solution to suit the needs of any project. Whether it is designing and building a new spray system, or retrofitting an existing one, Teksmart can help.

With many years of experience in the water and chemical industries, Teksmart is uniquely placed to provide solutions that help operators and contractors to meet their objectives.

If you are working on a project that involves the application of water or chemicals using a dosage pump, then Teksmart can assist you in ensuring that you achieve the best possible results. Get in touch today to discuss your specific mechanical solution requirements.

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Teksmart Mechanical Solutions

Automated Watercart Fill System

The Tekfill system automatically controls the water filling operation of a watercart so that the watercart receives the correct amount of water with no damaging overflow of water caused by manual filling controls.

Vehicle Mounted Dosing Pump

The Dose Buddy is a truck mounted 12V dosing pump and fully independent system capable of holding 25 litres of RST Solutions’ liquid product.

Injection System

The Tek-Inject has been developed to meet the needs of RST Solutions’ Avenger dust suppression product. Its unique design allows for the continuous, dynamic cleaning of the check valve thereby virtually eliminating potential clogging and blockages suffered from other injection system types.

Micro Controller

The Teksmart Micro Controller will effectively run any standard 240V pump / motor assembly. It includes a green start and E Stop button, an adjustable run timer and an ELCB.

Solar Dosing Pumps

Teksmart has a range of remote and manual controlled 12V and 24V solar dosing pump system. Each one suiting different site requirements.

Rock Stop Screens

Teksmart’s Rock Stop is easily fitted and prevents damage to spray heads and spray patterns that occur from the build up of foreign material (rocks mostly) inside the spray heads. The Rock Stop is also available as part of the Rock Stop Mounting Kit.

Spray Heads

Manufactured from marine grade alloy, the compact design and shape allows for fast and easy installation to any piping configuration from 80mm (3″) nominal bore. Teksmart Spray Heads eliminate the need for additional water control valves.

Spray Head Modifications

Teksmart offers a spray head modification and repair service.

240V Dosing Pumps

Teksmart’s 240V CP25 Mono Dosing Pumps conform to mine site specifications. They have three user controls and can be manually or remote control operated directly from each water cart.

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