Liquid dispersant for increased road surface life

October 19, 2016

Australian fine particle management company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST Solutions) has released RT20 Dynamic, a liquid soil compaction aid to increase road surface life.

RST Solutions developed the liquid as a super concentrate liquid dispersant for improved performance and dust control, and is suitable for the mining, construction and civil industries.

RT20 Dynamic is a liquid soluble, environmentally safe additive that increases stability by enabling soil and gravels to attain a much higher density and strength than could be attained in usually substandard natural road building materials.

It enables the treated material to be compacted faster using less water, improving the California Bearing Ratio (CBR) strengths and increasing densities by reducing the void spaces between the soil particles in turn reducing water’s ability to permeate through the compacted material and cause damage.

It can also help reduce road maintenance during the wet season.

For application during road construction, the recommended dosage of RT20 Dynamic is added into the water truck used for compacting the road building material.

RT20 Dynamic can also be used for existing pavement rehabilitation by applying the diluted product throughout the process of ripping the road to the recommended depth, breaking up material, blending and compacting.

It increases operational optimisation by being easy to use while complementing standard construction practices in road construction and earthworks.