Innovative Range of Solutions Tackle Sediment Control

April 1, 2011

Publication: The Mining Chronicle Date: 1 April 2011

Mining services company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) is adapting its innovative technologies to answer demand for regulated sediment control in the global civil and construction industries.

Further growth and expansion globally, particularly into regions that experience high rainfall periods, saw RST begin to see clients looking for material handling solutions relating to wet and sticky sediment.

Having built a strong reputation specialising in dust suppression and erosion control solutions for the mining industry, RST has developed a specialised range of products to prevent sediment and turbid (or dirty) water from entering drains and waterways.

RST’s strong industry experience is now seeing their products being used across large scale construction, road maintenance and engineering projects, providing solutions for the management of environmentally regulated sediment control, including areas recently effected by floods.

Strict nationwide environmental regulations set out by the national Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and local councils stipulate that no residue or waste can be flushed down storm water drains or into waterways, and any liquid run-off from construction, mines or civil sites must be clear, not grey or coloured. Failure to comply can result in hefty fines.

The Queensland-based innovator originally developed a range of products designed to manage sediment for the mining industry, but contractors across the civil and construction industry are now taking advantage of the technology while controlling run-off.

Wayne Van Valkenburg, owner of concrete cutting and core drilling company Cut and Core, has enlisted the services of RST for more than 13 years.

As a contractor for three Councils in Sydney, Mr Van Valkenburg sought RST’s services after searching for a product that would suit requirements for run off management of concrete residue and asphalt.

“I came across the product in a trade show,” he said.

“I was looking for a remedy for my problem. They gave me a presentation on how the product works and how they use it in the mining industry, and showed me how it could work for my problem.

“RST gave me a sample to try, it worked perfectly and I’ve used it ever since. It’s very economical, it greatly reduces the amount of slurry that goes down the road and it’s easily contained.

“If there is any run-off, it’s only clear water.

“Using this product, it allows me to contain the waste a thte site of the cutting and it attaches to the cuttings in the water before going down the street. It thickens up straight away, so you can actually pick it up with a shovel.”

RST director Peter Parkinson said the products have been designed to control dust and sediment in some of the most volatile mining environments in Australia and the civil and construction sector is another huge growth area.

He said the diverse nature of the products meant they are now being used across various industries, which is a testament to the high quality and versatility of RST’s innovations.

“The control of dust and sediment is a huge industry, and one that spans many sectors,” said Mr Parkinson.

“Our products were designed for specific use in the mining industry, in coal transport and on haul roads. But realistically, the control of dust and sediment is applicable to many different industries. Sediment and dust are the same – rather than dust being blown away, sediment is dust being clogged up in water.”

RST has developed a full Sediment Control package which includes environmentally friendly binding products that prevent the sediment being washed into water courses and that cures and treats turbid water, removing the sediment to levels acceptable for release by environmental bodies.

“These technologies are available in liquid, powder or block form and can be used as a preventative or a treatment,” said Mr Parkinson.

“The binding agents hold the fines in place on the exposed ground. This stops them from washing away and polluting the water. We can also tailor the specific treatment or products to each project. With RST, each job is as individual as the solution.

RST has more than 20 years experience in total dust management and soil erosion management.

The Burleigh Heads based company designs, constructs and maintains all systems. With qualified site technicians managing each program, RST will implement continual improvement programs to ensure that all products and systems are supplying clients with optimum results.

For more information, please contact Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST Solutions) on (07) 5317 1080.