How to Fix a Dust Problem?

February 28, 2019

Construction site workers and neighbours surrounding those sites can have their health affected by the dust created during the construction process. Common health problems associated with dust include: onset of asthma attacks, hayfever, coughing, sneezing and irritation of the eyes. People with respiratory problems can have their conditions exacerbated by being exposed to higher than acceptable levels of dust.

Dust suppression in Australia is a serious matter, by law, all construction site operators and owner builders are required to minimise the level of dust emissions created from their site. Part of the development consent when given the site operators / builders is the stipulation to not breach the standards set out in the consent.

Common dust problems
Depending on the type of site being operated, dust control problems are encountered in construction, civil, agriculture and mining sites. Common issues are unsealed roads producing excessive dust being kicked up due to construction and other traffic, unnecessary high water usage from overwatering roads, these roads then becoming water damaged and costly to repair. Failure to manage dust can result in huge financial losses due to reduced productivity.

How we can help
When it comes to looking for an effective solution for dust suppression in Australia, RST have a tried and tested range of dust suppression methods, products and services that are specifically designed to manage your dust problems.

The first step to fixing your problem is for us to fully assess and evaluate your problem, from there we can recommend, design and implement a solution that suits your needs and will keep you operating within your development consent requirements.

It’s not just water you need!
Many companies rely on soaking roadways and using hoses on site. With our vast experience of dealing with a wide variety of locations and construction sites we know how effective or ineffective some methods can be and that’s why we’ve developed a range of soil stabilising aids that are suitable for roads with a high clay content, those with a looser composition of sand and silty material, and for roads where the materials are not fully compatible with water.

Erosion Control
It’s not just the dust on the road you need to think about, consider the effect of erosion on embankments that border your roads, you pay out for road control solutions but if those embankments erode they’ll be covering up solutions on the roads. Our erosion protection technique essentially seals the area and minimises dust erosion which contribute to your problems.

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Complying with the law on dust suppression in Australia is essential to avoid fines and sanctions that could jeopardise your project and community responsibility.

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We also acknowledge everyone’s responsibilites to the community’s wellbeing at large.

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