Haul Road Problems and Dust Control in Australia

March 14, 2019

In recent years, haul road safety has gained national attention and higher importance. There have been significant accidents caused by or on haul roads, which has pressed for higher standards in haul road management practices.

Higher Standards

Haul road safety management has always been a top concern for those in the mining and civil industries. Balancing dust pollution with the perils of over watering has long been an industry wide problem.

State and national governments are now fully aware of the serious problems caused by haul road damage. Government campaigners have even praised the idea of introducing separate road systems for heavy and light vehicles. Implementing separate road systems would significantly increase the cost of mining operations and require an extensive amount of planning.

Watering Concerns 

A popular method, Australian mining and civil operators use to control dust, is applying water directly onto the problem areas. While this is known to be a temporary solution, it’s also recognised as a potentially dangerous method. Over watering causes immediate and long-term problems to haul roads.

Dust control and dust suppression systems are available to minimise the over watering problem on haul roads. Companies and other organisations use liquid chemical products and follow specific application methods to stabilise haul roads and other surfaces with minimal water. This polymer technology is added to the water to bind gravel and dust surfaces efficiently. Once stabilised, the roads are easy to maintain with top up applications.

Further Information

These are challenging and exciting times for mining and civil industries. To find out more about dust control measures Australian businesses can implement to their sites, visit RST’s website or alternatively give RST a call on +61 7 5317 6298.