Flockit Range

Water clarifier and sediment control

Flockit is supplied in the form of a solid dissolving block, granules or liquid.

Ideal applications for Flockit are:

  • Clarification of site discharge water
  • Clarification of ponds and dams
  • Settling sediment fines in furrow irrigation to reduce erosion
  • Clearing runoff water from stockyards and docks
  • Clarification of drainage from construction sites
  • Recycling of water used in drilling and laser boring
  • Settling effluent from small industrial plants
  • Treatment of underground mine sedimentation problems
  • Underground water clarification for dewatering
  • Cleaning concrete cutting sludge

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  • Easy to use
  • Aids sediment control
  • Applicable to small to very large projects
  • Non-toxic to fish and aquatic life
  • Tailor made to each application to achieve maximum results
  • Used where no power or dosing equipment is available and at remote applications


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Customised Solutions

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Flockit blocks are secured in the water flow/stream prior to settling ponds and discharge ponds. A 1kg Flockit block treats up to approximately 300,000 litres of ‘dirty / turbid water’.

Flockit granules and liquid give other options for applications that may better suit the project.

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