Fewer ‘Fly-Aways’

February 22, 2011

Publication: The Mining Chronicle Date: 21 February 2011

Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) train spray system technology is leading the way in dust control in the coal transportation industry, using significantly less product than other systems.

The Queensland based innovator has developed a revolutionary train spray technology that effectively put a stop to coal ‘fly-aways’ during rail transportation, and is both eco-friendly and uses minimal product to get the job done. The mining services company identified a gap in the market for a long-wearing veneer crusting agent that requires less storage and packaging and significantly decreases transport and logistical expenses, ultimately minimising the carbon footprint of haulage companies.

On large scale operations, dust suppression products may need to keep dust at bay for a significant number of rail wagons.

After observing the amount of product required for a typical rail transport project, RST set out to develop a more sustainable product while still achieving quality results.

RST’s technical and development director David Handel personally consulted chemical experts to develop an alternative and after nine months of rigorous testing, developed RT5 Superskin.

The ground breaking eco dust suppressant is now being integrated into the company’s spray system technologies to effectively treat mass coal movement, eliminating dust.

“Every year coal companies experience huge loss, a loss that coal mines can’t afford,” said Mr Handel.

“Together with RT5 Superskin and on-going technology and research, we are moving to put a stop to this loss.”

Mr Handel said some products on the market require a standard dosage rate of two per cent chemical applied to one litre.

Over a square metre, this equates to more than 2 million litres of chemical being shipped to coal facilities all over Queensland.

“Put simply in terms of transport, this means more than 100 semi trailers would be required to supply these chemicals,” he said.

“We have developed an application which uses significantly less product to achieve the exact same result – using only 200,000 litres of product, rather than two million, which is 90 per cent less.

“In transport terms, we’re taking 10 semi trailers, not 100.” RST’s ‘green’ technology is exciting news not only for the industry, but also for the environment.

“RT5 Superskin also uses less raw materials and manufacturing costs, less packaging, freight and storage and of course less on site re-handling,” said Mr Handel.

“The biggest thing is protecting the environment. We have an obligation to protect the environment and continue to develop eco-friendly, sustainable products.”

RST has more than 20 years experience in total dust management and soil erosion management. The Burleigh Heads based company designs, constructs and maintains all systems. With qualified site technicians managing each program, RST will implement continual improvement programs to ensure that all products and systems are supplying clients with optimum results.