Everything you need to know about dust suppression technology

March 6, 2019

Dust pollution presents a significant issue and expense to the Australian economy and is a hazard to human health. Fortunately, dust pollution can be managed thanks to the latest dust suppression products. These products and processes work at the smallest level by acting at the source, and can help clear the air. Here’s more about the latest in dust suppression technology.

Water Droplets

Water is unique in many ways, one being its molecular structure. It naturally binds to itself but can be separated into almost unbelievable small units.

Atomization is one of the major breakthroughs in dust suppression technology. The process of atomization produces water droplets that are about the same size as dust particles.

Binding Agents

To achieve water droplet fog of these proportions requires the finest nozzles. These are available in a range of configurations which can be attached to road and airborne vehicles. The latest and best dust suppression products use water treated with special additives.

These micro designed chemical polymers attach themselves to the particulate matter in the airborne dust. As the dust / water droplet floats to the earth, the polymer remains stuck to the dust particle. With billions of droplets forming a surface on your roadway or stockyard, this forms a protective skin.

This semi-plastic coating is invisible and unbreakable. As the water evaporates, the weight of the dust / polymer molecule is heavier than air, so it returns to the ground even if disturbed. If these particle combinations remain stable for long enough, they will form a dust suppressing surface.

Specialised dust suppressant trucks can be hired to apply dust suppression products, or the products can be applied manually using the correct nozzles. Once the initial treatment has been applied to the surface, the surface may not need further applications. If the surface has been particularly unstable, a smaller secondary treatment can be applied.


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