Erosion Control – What are my options?

May 15, 2018

At RST we know the importance of erosion control in the mining, agricultural, civil engineering and construction industries. We are one of the market leaders in erosion control products, having started our soil technology business more than a quarter of a century ago. We understand the processes involved in industrial erosion and are constantly developing new solutions to the various causes of this massive drain on industry and the environment. We know what is required for erosion management and control and provide cutting edge products and solutions.

Controlling Options

The main cause of erosion at mining, civil and agricultural sites is dust. This is produced in a number of ways, from the conditions of the ground and surrounding climate to the continuous friction causes by very large, mobile industrial equipment.

As well as eroding the surface of sites the by nature of the work they do, industrial diggers, movers and other rigs generate dust which compounds site management challenges by clogging up air intakes and all other moving parts. Dust itself is abrasive, and causes more damage as it is ground against natural and man made surfaces.

There are many products available to lessen the production and effects of dust, which have been developed by companies such as ours to use natural, chemical and mechanical processes to ease the twin problems of dust and erosion.

Wide Coverage

Erosion can be controlled in a number of ways. As technology progresses, industrial machinery and processes become more efficient. This makes each task easier and quicker to complete, and reduces duplication of effort. Efficient machinery is helped by the air and fuel it requires to work, which is where dust and erosion control can help.

While the most obvious way of suppressing dust is to spray it with water, this is not particularly effective in some climates and industries. The way water molecules attach to dust particulates is now used to make products which multiply this effect to a great degree.

Whilst the different industries of agriculture, mining and civil construction produce their own dust and erosion issues, through our experience we will work with the client to develop a solution to suppress the dust and bind it, and reduce issues caused by erosion.

Find Out More

To get an idea of the kind of options we offer for your business, get in touch with us at RST Solutions. Once you see the range of our erosion control products, you’ll begin to appreciate the challenges of erosion and the huge range of things you can do about it. Visit our site to find out more.