Dust suppression solution for unsealed trafficked areas

November 2, 2016

Australian dust management company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST Solutions) has developed Rapid, a dust suppressant for unsealed trafficked areas on mining sites that improves dust control efficiencies.

Rapid is added to water, allowing the solution to be quickly absorbed to suppress dust lift-off from continually watered unsealed ground and roads, and minimising the stickiness of wet clay soils.

The solution reduces water evaporation, delivering cost and water savings by reducing the amount of water required per square-metre and extending time between repeat water applications.

It dilutes easily into water carts or spray systems, reduces upfront implementation costs, and is effective when used with salt or mineralised water.

The solution is suitable for use in all climates and is environmentally friendly.

RST Solutions operations and technical director David Handel said once it is applied, the company monitors the site, and either adjusts the dosage or re-evaluates the solution for long term use.

“We continue to follow up with ongoing technical support and training for our product users to ensure the long-term effectiveness of the dust control solution we have designed for their site,” he said.

Dosage rates are dependent on water quality and material types, with dilution ranging from 1:1,000 to 1:10,000, with a range of dosing pumps available from RST Solutions to inject the correct dosage into each water cart.