Dust suppressant solution requiring no water

December 1, 2014

Hunter Business Review – December 2014

Australian dust management company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) has launced a new dust solution, Zero, which requires no water and doesn’t evaporate or freeze.

It requires no water for application, has a cumlative effect with maintenance applications, requires no ongoing watering program, and cures immediately – all while having no odour, no slipperiness and no effect to application equipment or the environment.

RST operations and technical director David Handel said the Zero product’s formulation is the latest chemical innovation developed through RST’s ongoing research and development programs.

“The Zero product’s crystal clear, free flowing, odourless chemistry has been formulated to meet the highest standards of environmental regulations globally,” Mr Handel said.

“It has penetrating and aggregating properties that allow the Zero solution to permeate into the individual fine particles, weighing them down so they are unable to be blown away as dust.

“The Zero product’s unique formula creates a long term, reworkable solution that doesn’t evaporate or freeze.”

The Zero solution is simply sprayed directly onto the treatment area for ease of application.

Designed to last, the longevity of the Zero solution can reach 18 months when heavier dosage rates are applied.

Maintenance reapplications only require 30% of the original application dosage rate.