Dust control for gravel roads

May 8, 2018

Protection for your car on gravel roads

Road maintenance is a major task for mining, construction and civil companies. Vehicles that need to transit on unpaved roads are at higher risk of getting damaged. Keeping the roads on a worksite in good condition is a fundamental part of cutting costs. Hiring a company that can help you design a programme for dust control and road maintenance will increase your site’s efficiency and aid in protecting your vehicles.

Haul and unsealed roads can benefit greatly from using dust control systems. Vehicles that use these roads constantly need to work harder than if they were on paved roads. Trucks and other vehicles are also responsible for a large percentage of dust production on a worksite. Using products to bind particles on gravel roads will make a significant difference.

Most sites have a watering programme in place, but they can lead to waste of water and resources. You can add products to the water to improve results. Products for dust control for gravel roads physically bind the particles to prevent them from becoming airborne. They can be easily applied using the equipment that is typically already on site.

Boost X and Avenger are two known products used in haul roads. Boost X is used as a pre-treatment and it aids the compaction process. Roads treated with Boost X allow water mixed with Avenger to permeate easily. One of the biggest selling points of Avenger is that it can significantly reduce your usage of water.

Dusterazer is another good alternative to complement road maintenance programmes. This unique formula can reduce water usage by up to 90%. It works by coating small particles and weighing them down. In general, dust control for gravel roads can help you reduce your costs and your impact on the environment.