Dust control additive a ‘game changer’

October 22, 2014

Australian Bulk Handling Review – 22 October 2014

Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST Solutions) says its new micro-polymer additive will “revolutionise” dust suppression treatments internationally.

RST Solutions’ Generation 2 Heavy Water Dynamic is a micro-polymer additive designed to provide faster and more cost effective results, functioning as a dust suppressant, water extender, compaction aid and veneering agent.

Generation 2 Heavy Water Dynamic requires less additives and has three times more coverage than its predecessor Heavy Water Dynamic, RST Solutions told ABHR.

RST Solutions’ micro polymer technology allows the application rate of the Generation 2 Heavy Water Dynamic solution to be adjusted as necessary compacting unsealed road surfaces, seal open source emissions and stockpiles, minimise sediment loss from open areas and road while further reducing water evaporation, the manufacturer said.

RST Solutions said the additive can reduce water usage by approximately half per square metre.

To enhance the application of the additive, RST Solutions has specifically developed the Dose Buddy, a dosing pump which mounts on the back of water carts.

Dose Buddy is designed to simplify the application process as it starts manually and turns off automatically, with the aim of accurately applied doses every time.

RST Solutions’ operation and technical director David Handel said following extensive research and listening to clients’ needs it was important for RST Solutions to develop the application machinery to complement its additive.

“The Generation 2 Heavy Water Dynamic solution and Dose Buddy are leading edge products that will revolutionise dust suppression treatments internationally because they simplify the whole process,” Handel said.

“Not only does it save our clients time and money, but it also promotes an environmentally sustainable future with reduced additive requirements and the solution itself being environmentally safe.

“By utilising the Dose Buddy the application process is simplified further because it minimises the chance of dosage errors and waste, it’s safer because it sits on the back of the water cart and its accessibility reduces preparation time, adding to the overall cost effectiveness of the process,” he said.

The Generation 2 Heavy Water Dynamic solution is part of RST Solutions’ recently released micro polymer suite of products. Among the suite are the Avenger Coal and Avenger Hard Rock haul road dust suppressants, the Titan liquid polymer road stabiliser, RT4 and RT5 Superskin crusting agents for rail wagon veneering, stockpile and exposed ground applications.

Generation 2 Heavy Water Dynamic is suitable for use in the quarry, construction and civil engineering sectors, RST Solutions added.

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