Polymer granules for sealing dams

Damseal is a blend of high molecular weight polymers that when applied to dry dam walls, seals the surface to stop water seeping into the walls.

Damseal is applied to empty dams to reduce or eliminate seepage loss. Damseal is applied during dam construction to ensure that leaks won’t occur after completion.

Most dams have a certain amount of water loss due to seepage, so it is recommended that Damseal is applied to all dams exposed surfaces prior to filling with water to prevent leaks and to conserve water.

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  • Seals leaking dams to greatly reduce water loss
  • Small quantities required and very easily applied
  • Instant results
  • Effective in water conservation


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Under normal circumstances, Damseal is applied at 8 mls of concentrate per m². Damseal is diluted in water and applied at a rate of 1-2 litres of solution per m² of surface area using any conventional water spraying equipment.

It is important to ensure there is at least 25% water in the tank first and that Damseal is added to water slowly whilst filling to ensure maximum mixing results. Do not add water to Damseal.

With empty dams or during dam construction, Damseal is sprayed directly onto the dam embankment to create a sealed surface. Compaction equipment can be used before application of Damseal to further enhance the process.

After application of Damseal and if the leaking is still evident, it is recommended to apply Damliner granules, which are spread over the water’s surface.

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