Clean coal at the end of the line is music to David Handel’s ears

June 18, 2012

Publication: The Gold Coast Bulletin

Date: Tuesday April 10, 2012

GOLD Coast company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST Solutions) wants to help clean up the coal industry and boost the profits of buyers and sellers with its new technology.

The company has recorded strong growth in recent years with a focus on creating environ­mental solutions for the resources sector.

Technical and operations director David Handel said its total coal control system was another major innovation.

“Our aim was to develop a product that not only did its job in terms of dust suppression, better control and less escapement  but also treated the coal within containment to ensure the best possible product would be delivered at the end of the line,” he said. “We have estimated Queensland pumps out around two million rail wagons of coal a year with 80 million tonnes of coal per wagon, however the quality of coal is often affected during the handling process. “By using (this system) we are able to stop degradation occurring, which in turn gives coal buyers a delivered product that has a higher calorific value than non-treated coal.

“This is very important since the calorific value measures the energy produced by the coal, a higher value will therefore maximise the coal’s worth.”

Mr. Handel said the new system would boost – value of coal delivered. “In terms of coal management technology, this really is the most advanced solution on the market,” he said.

The technology would also protect coal from moisture and oxidation, prevent self­ combustion within stockpiles and control coal dust, rain erosion, slumping and material loss. “Every year coal companies experience significant loss in material value,” he said.