Australian dust solution company leads the way in total dust management worldwide

May 6, 2013

Publication: NSW Mining and Energy Bi-Annual 1.1. 2013 Date: Jan 2013

Australian mining resource company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST Solutions) is gaining international recognition as market leader in ‘total dust management’, with its innovative and cost effective dust suppressant technology being implemented across mine sites worldwide.

With over 24 years of industry experience, RST Solutions is a multi-award winning company that specialises in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge, dynamically- designed and environmentally sustainable products for the mining, civil and agricultural sectors and has achieved global success for its advanced technological developments in dust, earth and water solutions.

With operations extending to countries including South and North America, South Africa, Asia and New Caledonia, RST Solutions works with major international mine sites affected by excessive dust – implementing its leading products, application equipment, systems and support to provide a ‘total dust management’ solution, which ensures dust levels remain below set regulations and optimum results are achieved.

RST Solutions operations and technical director David Handel said its ‘7 Step Solution’ for complete dust management is reflective of the mining industry’s needs, with the Australian-based company experiencing strong growth as a result of their total dust solutions.

“Mining companies have an obligation to protect nearby residential communities, the environment and employees from excessive dust levels, which can be hazardous and costly,” Handel said.

“For this reason alone, mines are being proactive to control fugitive dust emissions and we specialise in helping mining companies meet these obligations, while minimising unnecessary costs.

“Our ‘7 Step Solution’ is extremely effective in determining what product is right for the client – it is about identifying the true nature of the problem in order to design and implement a customised product and system to achieve optimal outcomes.”

The ‘7 Step Solution’, designed to meet industry demand, sees RST Solutions evaluate, develop, recommend and utilise customised solutions, while monitoring, validating and implementing further strategies to achieve ongoing results.

Handel said RST Solutions’ growing success was also due to the company’s commitment to constantly improve and further develop on its existing dust control technology.

“The main factor and driving force behind RST Solutions’ ongoing success, is our extensive range of innovative and tailor made products,” Handel said.

“Our focus is primarily on developing our technologies and products to ensure clients receive the best possible solution currently available on the market.”