New spray nozzle system ‘Quickfit’ lowers maintenance and reduces water consumption for dust suppression (

February 9, 2018


A specialised spray nozzle system that lowers water consumption and reduces maintenance expenses for dust suppression is now available from leading fine particle management specialist Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST Solutions).

The ‘Quickfit’ spray nozzle is easy to install, applied externally via a bracket mounted onto a dispersion point on the outside of a chute, allowing for a fine particle spray to bind with dust molecules and suppress them as material passes through the internal chamber.

The external bracket allows operators ease of access to maintain and modify spray systems from the outside of an enclosure, significantly reducing the time and expense involved in maintaining traditional internal nozzle systems.

RST Solutions is a market-leading global environmental specialist company that develops dust suppression, stabilisation and erosion control, and water and sediment solutions for the mining, construction, civil and agricultural industries.

Three decades of industry experience exposed RST Solutions to a broad range of sites issues, equipping engineers with a deep understanding of what products and applicatons are required for different site conditions – they tailor the product and the mechanical equipment to each site to ensure optimum performance is achieved.

RST Solutions operations and technical director David Handel said the ‘Quickfit’ spray nozzle was designed with a 2mm opening to reduce the frequency of blockages, encased in a urethane block that protects the nozzle from damage caused by falling materials.

“When combined with our product, RT60 Spray Plus, the ‘Quickfit’ nozzle spray system optimises dust suppressant capabilities by altering the characteristics of the water to electrostatically attract and capture smaller dust particles at a considerably faster rate than water alone,” he explained.

“The ‘Quickfit’ spray nozzle system was developed for a better quality mechanical spray system that was effective, low maintenance and easily installed and modified,” he said.

“So many sites were losing time and money to traditional spray nozzle systems that required maintenance workers to access nozzles from the inside of chutes, which meant shutting down procedures for extended periods while maintenance took place.”

The ‘Quickfit’ spray nozzle is part of a new range of customised mechanical equipment, designed to increase the effectiveness of RST Solutions’ product range.

The superior dust suppressant capabilities of the RT60 Spray Plus product, in addition with the ‘Quickfit’ spray nozzle’s low maintenance design, provides sites with a simple and cost-effective dust suppressant solution.

“Having the nozzle easily accessed from the outside of chutes allows for quick and easy installation, maintenance and modification that is considerably less labour-intense,” Mr Handel added.

“We also saw a way for us to reduce overall maintenance requirements by making a wider nozzle that is less prone to blockage and encasing the body of the nozzle in a urethane block to protect from damage caused by falling debris.

“While the ‘Quickfit’ spray nozzle system can be used with water alone, the true capabilities of the system are activated once paired with our RT60 Spray Plus additive product.”

RST Solutions supplies the product and application equipment, tailored to a site’s needs. Technicians install the equipment on site to ensure the product is applied in the best possible way for a site and that the application of the product is as smooth as possible.

RST Solutions has nearly three decades of experience in developing versatile and effective environmental management solutions across a range of industry sectors including mining, quarrying, and waste management and manufacturing in both Australia and overseas.

With a head office based in Queensland, Australia and an additional office in Carlisle, Western Australia, RST Solutions operates internationally in the United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Timor, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.

RST Solutions’ international operations extend to regions including South and North America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

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