Media Release: RST Solutions receives Philippine Government Certification

September 10, 2012

Media Release

For Immediate Use

September, 2012


QUEENSLAND based mining, dust and soil solutions company Reynolds Soils Technologies (RST Solutions) has received Philippine Government approval for use of its innovative RT20 Soil Stabiliser solution across the country’s road networks.

Following 18 months of trialing road application tests on the South-East Asian country’s road networks, RST Solutions received official notice of international certified approval late last month.

The Philippine Government certificate of conditional approval means RST Solutions is now accredited for the use of their RT20 product on the Department of Public Works highway projects.

RST Solutions operations and technical director David Handel said the company had been diligently working with the Philippine Government on the stabilisation of roadways in the Philippines, since the construction of its first trial road in 2010.

“It is a great opportunity for us to expand our international operations to the Philippines, offering our road stabilisation products as a solution to the country’s soil issues,” said Mr Handel.

“The road networks in the Philippines are still quite basic and are therefore easily damaged and degraded, with little to no soil stabilisation control. With heavy rainfall, many of the roads are in poor condition and are unsafe.

“Our rigorous trials and efforts over the past 18 months have now paid off and we are all extremely proud of what we have achieved in the Philippines.

“We have recorded significant results for each trial road we have been working on – the Department of Public Works and Highways had visited each test site for evaluation prior to the accreditation, to establish the efficiency of our products in improving road conditions.

“We are very pleased to have received the official accreditation from the Philippine Government and it now means our much-needed expertise and solutions can be implemented to assist in the development of the country’s civil works sector.”

RST’s Philippines based team will lead the management of RT20 product across the nation’s road projects, strengthening the structural integrity of roads and simultaneously reducing road construction costs.

The innovative RT20 product is described as a liquid soluble, environmentally-friendly solution that enables soil and gravels to attain a much higher density and strength than could be attained in natural materials.

Further benefits include prevention of road damage caused by heavy rainfall, as the product minimises the void spaces between soil particles significantly reducing the water’s ability to permeate into the roads surface.

Mr Handel said RST Solutions has implemented the multi-faceted soil solution across many Australian and international road networks successfully for many years.

As part of RST Solutions’ international business development strategy, RST Solutions director Peter Parkinson said the company was positioned for continual growth in this market opportunity.

“Working in conjunction with the Philippine Government, there are a multitude of opportunities for RST in the Philippines,” said Mr Parkinson.

“In terms of road construction, approximately 22 per cent of roadways in the country are sealed. There are large gravel and dust road networks in the rural areas in need of civil road construction.

“We look forward to working with and building our relationship with the Philippine Government. There are years of work ahead for RST Solutions in the Philippines, and with this accreditation we look forward to being an integral part of upgrading the roads throughout the country.”

RST has more than 24 years experience specialising in total dust management, soil stabilisation and erosion, water and agricultural solutions for mine sites, haul roads, ports and land sites both in Australia and overseas. With experienced technicians designing, constructing and maintaining all systems, RST Solutions ensures its innovative products and programs supply clients with optimum results.

The company’s head office is based at Burleigh Heads, Queensland and an office in Western Australia. RST Solutions international operations extend to countries including South and North America, South Africa, Asia and New Caledonia.

For more information please contact RST Solutions on (07) 5317 1080 or visit