Dust Control and

Case Study
Zero Waterless dust suppressant for trafficable areas

Trucking Company


Long-term dust suppression 

for a major transport yard



Zero is ideal for long-term dust control where watering is not an option. The unique formula creates a long term, re-workable solution that doesn’t evaporate or freeze.

  • Zero water required for application and on-going watering programs
  • Zero harm for the environment and effect on application equipment
  • Zero curing for immediate results
  • Zero slipperiness
  • Zero odour


Taking into consideration the material type, geographic location, type of traffic and volume, an application rate of 1.5L of Zero per m2 was selected. The yard will be subjected to Semi Trailers to B-doubles, constant tyre scrubbing and forklift loading. 

The selected application rate is intended to offer on-going dust suppression for up to 12 months. When it starts showing signs of dust lift off a maintenance / top up dosage at 30% of the original application volume will be required.

Zero was applied via a downward facing pressurised spray from a water truck to assist with penetration.

Before the Application of Zero

After the Application of Zero


Zero is the ultimate in long-term dust control for trafficable areas where watering programs are not an option.