Asbestoguard – what is it?

November 29, 2018

Here at RST Solutions, we specialise in developing new methods of controlling harmful airborne pollutants. In 2015, we launched our revolutionary asbestos protection solution, Asbestoguard. One of our range of environmentally friendly and cost effective dust suppressant products, we developed it to counter the renowned problem of asbestos dust. This has been proven to have sometimes fatal long term effects if inhaled in sufficient quantities. Asbestoguard is one of RST Solutions’ cutting edge developments which are making mining and civil sites safer across the country.

Old News

Asbestos was widely used as a construction material throughout the last century, as it has a number of properties which made it valuable to constructors of everything from houses to ships. It was cheap to buy, and its structure makes it resistant to sound, heat, fire and electricity. Its main use was in insulation, especially around electrical wiring.

Unfortunately, the very structure of asbestos which makes it so useful as an insulator also make it lethal to the human body. Its particles are long, thin and very strong, making them impossible to dislodge from human lungs. It has been proven to cause lung cancer and other fatal diseases.

The dust particles containing asbestos fibres are so fine that it is very easy to breathe in. Since the 1980s, asbestos has not been used in domestic construction, and Australia banned the substance completely in 2003.

New Solution

Unfortunately, while new use of asbestos is banned, many of the buildings in Australian cities built in the 20th Century contain asbestos. While this is not a problem for everyday users of these offices and apartment blocks, once the asbestos is disturbed, it forms dust particles which escape into the air very quickly.

As cities across the country redevelop, especially their business districts, old buildings have to be demolished. This very often requires asbestos protection.

At RST Solutions, we invented a sprayable asbestos dust suppressant which binds onto materials containing asbestos after one spray and wind resistant to more than 100 km/h. It can be diluted to control its strength to suit the type of building being treated.

Asbestoguard is an emulsion with a unique cross-linking polymer structure which is designed specifically to bind to asbestos particles. It can be sprayed over parts of a site which are dealing with asbestos-contaminated buildings.

As asbestos was heavily used in electrical wiring insulation, it can be present throughout the entirety of office or apartment blocks. Using Asbestoguard gives site managers confidence in their site’s safety right through the demolition and removals process.

This protects the workforce on site, as well as the wider environment. Asbestoguard keeps harmful asbestos fibres locked into their built material, to be disposed of safely off-site.

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